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How UV Lights Can Improve Your Air Quality


Ultraviolet (UV) lights can be used to kill microorganisms such as viruses, 细菌, 模具 and fungi. They first found commercial popularity for use in water treatment facilities to remove 模具, mildew and other biological contaminants from water and surrounding equipment. The technology was then introduced into the 新利全站app market in order to help prevent the spread of infectious disease in hospitals, doctor’s offices and other medical facilities. 因为它的有效性, it has become more widespread in both commercial and residential 新利全站app applications. 

在住宅应用程序, we typically install the UV light (commonly referred to as a “stick light”) near the coils to prevent 模具 or 细菌l growth. In addition to killing organic growth on the surface of the coil and housing, the UV light can also sanitize the air that crosses its path. 有足够的接触, 这种光可以杀死空气中的细菌, 模具, fungi and some gases without restricting airflow. Because air must come into close contact with the light in order to be decontaminated by it, it has a less immediate effect on indoor air quality throughout the rest of the space. 

因为这个原因, we also recommend installing a REME HALO® UV light system in the supply side of the unit (in the ductwork) to further treat the air as it leaves the coil and eliminate any 模具 growth on the outside of the coil and supply plenum. The REME HALO® also releases hydroperoxides that actively attack viruses, 细菌, 模具, 挥发性有机化合物的仪器, 气味, allergens and other particulates/contaminants throughout the entire conditioned space. 
Hydrogen peroxide molecules (hydroperoxides) occur naturally in the atmosphere and help to clean the air. By releasing them into the indoor environment, the REME facilitates constant air purification throughout the conditioned space — killing up to 99% of viruses, 细菌和霉菌,还能减少异味. 作为一个额外的好处, the hydroperoxides also pass a charge to allergens — such as dust, 头皮屑, pollen and other particulates — which causes them to stick together and makes them easier to filter.  

We recommend keeping the fan on constantly or setting a circulating fan to come on every 30-45 minutes to help alleviate the build up of hydroperoxides in the duct system. This helps keep the air throughout the home clean at all times (not just when the system is operating) and also reduces the build up of hydroperoxides in the duct work, which can cause strong oxidation 气味 when the system first starts running.

氢过氧化物不同于离子. Hydroperoxides occur naturally and are not considered a health risk at normal levels. Conversely, uncontrolled ozone production or ionizing filters can have lasting health effects. For an in-depth information about hydroperoxides and oxidation, please refer directly to RGF环保组织.

UV lights must be replaced every one to five years. The frequency will depend on the manufacturer’s recommendation for your particular model. Even though the light may still be on and visible, the effectiveness of the UV light declines drastically after the recommended useful life expectancy (5 years on the HALO LED™ model; 1-2 years on the REME HALO® model). 请参阅用户手册或询问您的 有效的交流,电 & 管道 technician for more information on UV light bulb life.

为了你的安全, do not look directly at a UV light when activated, 因为这会导致严重的眼睛损伤.


  • 正确的安装 ——新利体育登录 训练有素的技术人员 是否有安装紫外线灯的经验.
  • 保修 – Customers have purchased REME HALO® and other UV light products online — only to find out later that only lights purchased and installed by licensed, authorized contractors carry the factory warranty. 从亚马逊购买REME产品, for example — even if professionally installed — are not warrantied by the manufacturer.
  • Comprehensive approach to indoor air quality –  A UV light is only a part of the process to improve your air quality. It is also important to have a good filtration system in place. This involves: 1) using the highest MERV rated filter that your system can accommodate (your qualified Efficient 新利全站app service technician can assist with recommendations), 2)保持过滤器清洁, 3) replacing them regularly and 4) ensuring your entire duct system is properly sealed through routine inspections.

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